Why users choose Norishare?

You often send files to clients or relatives? You are going to love Norishare! Click on the items below to discover the advantages of using Norishare.
You do not need to provide any personal information or credentials to start using Norishare. Just select the files you want to send, then confirm. You will get a download link you can share inside an e-mail or a chat!
When we do something as simple as sharing a file, nothing is more annoying than having to learn and follow a complex process. At Norishare we dedicate our life to simplifying complexity. We always try to get rid of sources of confusion: unneeded technical terms, redundant steps, unclear designs, acronyms, and other misleading practices. We hope you will find Norishare clear and straightforward!

When you send or receive a file through Norishare, the first thing you see is a preview of the file. Most of the time, looking at the preview is enough and there is no need to download the file. If your “Downloads” folder is cluttered with files you only read once or twice, Norishare is for you!

We support previews for most files, including archives (ZIP, RAR, etc). As of today, we do not know of any other online service providing the same level of preview as Norishare.

We respect our users’ privacy as much as technically and legally possible. We do not track you, we do not share your files with anybody, and we actually delete files when they expire. The only data we have to gather for technical & legal reasons are:

  • the uploaded files
  • the IP address and session ID of the browser submitting an upload
  • a standard nginx log of server-side requests to the API

Note that an automated part of Norishare reads and converts the files to create the previews. No human has access to read the uploaded files or their previews, apart from you and your recipients, of course.

If a recipient receives files considered illegal under French jurisdiction, we may be legally bound to disclose the sender’s IP address to the authorities.

Norishare uses 6 techniques to achieve a minimal carbon footprint:

  • All files are ephemeral, and we actually delete them once they are expired. This makes our storage sustainable, otherwise we would have to buy new hard drives very often.
  • When the same file is shared multiple times, we store it only once internally, to avoid increasing the storage needed by our servers.
  • The appearance of pages is computed fully on the browser side. This allows an instantaneous navigation through pages of the website. But this also decreases drastically the energy cost of the servers and the amount of data sent by the servers to the browser.
  • We optimize our code as much as possible. This makes the application extremely fast, while minimizing the energy required to handle each upload.
  • We opted for a minimalistic design to have the smallest possible application to download when you arrive on Norishare for the first time. This reduces greatly the amount of data sent through the network.
  • We have a strong protection against attacks. This makes our servers more stable, while strongly decreasing the energy consumed by our servers.

Norishare can be used from any device with a web browser: laptop, mobile phone, tablet or desktop. It does not need any installation, even to display previews of file formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Quicktime, MIDI etc.

For convenience, some web browsers like Google Chrome on Android will propose you to add Norishare to your home page. This will install Norishare on your device in a very light way (called “Progressive Web App”) that will allow you to upload files into Norishare from another mobile application. The application will always be up to date, requires no permission and takes less storage space than a small picture.

Norishare is created by a small team of passionate creators from Normandy, France! We have started creating web applications professionally in 2011 and never stopped improving ever since.

The servers are also hosted in France.

Drop your files here!

Uploaded files expire after 2 weeks and are limited to 2 GB